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Digital Printed Premium Wrap Film sold by the LINEAR FOOT off a 54" Roll (12"x54") Printed with Eco-Solvent inks and Laminated with Optically Clear pressure sensitive Film. 

Cast Vinyl

When wrapping a vehicle, cast is the way to go if you want a wrap that will look good and last long without cracking and peeling. Due to the manufacturing process and chemical makeup, cast vinyl is thinner and conforms well to complex curves and rivets and offers the best reassurance on quality.

Cast vinyl is more expensive than calendered vinyl, which is why it is not used for all jobs.

Manufacturing Process:

Cast starts off as a liquid, kind of like paint. It is then spread onto sheets and sent through a series of ovens where the chemicals evaporate leaving a thin film behind. Cast vinyl can be as thin as 2 mil, and is very stretchy which makes it excellent for car wraps and other complex applications.

Cast Vinyl Benefits:

  • Much thinner so it conforms well to complex curves and rivets
  • Very durable- average lifetime of 5-12 years
  • Less shrinkage because it isn’t stretched in the manufacturing process
  • Maintains color
  • Doesn’t crack


Complex surfaces with rivets, curves, and corrugations, especially vehicle wraps and architectural wraps, long term outdoor signage, and high demanding applications

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